3D LED Bixel Cube

Symbiosis of art, LED and technology

The Cosmopolitan Casino Hotel in Las Vegas is well known for its luxury, art and design. Anything besides extraordinary is alien to the creators of the hotel, extravagance therefore is a must and one of their passions. Architects and designers of the hotel were looking for a light art object which would be able to fascinate visitors when entering the hotel. Choosing a creative LED solution from Audio Visual Network thus seemed to be the obvious choice for them.

Audio Visual Network designed and developed a unique 3D LED cube for the entrance lobby of the luxury hotel, also known as the Corner Bar. 377 LED tubes, each 3,5m long and fitted with 75.500 LEDs on both sides, offer a fascinating sight out of every angle. The software, which was developed especially for this purpose, is able to provide the cube with 3D contents, hereby creating fantastic illusions – a symbiosis of art, light and technology.


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