3D-LED-kinetic "KiSy-Grape"

To attract attention in the city of angels, you need to have something terrific in the Hollywood of the superlatives. The new nightlife hot spot in the world famous suburb of Los Angeles is the club LURE, formerly known as Cabana Club, which has been a magnet for events and after show parties of the Hollywood film industry and record labels since about 20 years. Due to the varying needs of the event location, the international renowned light designer Stephen Lieberman was assigned to create a special “Look and Feel” concept which would allow a flexible transformation of the LURE in accordance with changing event themes. For the re-design of such a well-know club as the LURE, Lieberman was looking for something extraordinary. That’s exactly what he found with the company AUDIO-VISUAL NETWORK GmbH.

"In a conversation with Stephen I told him about our new LED’s Move products and a moving LED light wall which is the main part of one of our current productions. He was immediately fascinated by these new possibilities, thus we started planning to adapt our products to the requirements of the LURE", says Christoph Muessener, managing director of AUDIO-VISUAL NETWORK.

The outcome of this business symbiosis can show for itself. The LURE now has a 3-dimensional look created by 94 motorized LED objects. Various winches were mounted on the ceiling each holding a ball with internal 30W RGBW-LED illumination. Each LED-ball has a diameter of 60cm / 2ft and can be moved around freely on a vertical level. The LED-balls are set-up in a matrix and their height, speed, color and luminance can be controlled through single pixels or as a group.

The combination of movement and animation enables the dynamic design of surfaces, shapes and motion. Each LED-ball can be controlled to be monochrome, as one whole pixel, or to be ¼ divided with 4 pixels, which further increases the 3-dimensionality and enables color changes within the ball.