When light starts moving!

Orbis Fly is a unique LED Lighting Fixture that enables a perfect combination of lighting and movement.

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Orbis Fly is a simple and bright idea – to move up and down an illuminated object – a merge of the art of lighting with mechanical technology. Inspired by nature, this is the right product for your ambitious lighting project that can literally soar overhead. Existing objects are RGB light balls with 120mm sizes, but a whole host of objects can be attached to the Orbis Fly motor unit. A light ball, or other object, is connected to a motor unit.

Using very thin, specially designed, reinforced flat, signal cable the motor unit can move the objects up and down with precision. Each light ball can be adjusted individually in height, speed, colour and luminance - simply by industry standard control equipment. Bespoke array creations of controllable motor units with light balls can generate complex three-dimensional abstract shapes and visual effects.

Individually shaped LED modules can be attached to the system to form custom solutions. Additionally, white,
coloured, or colour changing lights can be integrated to suit various applications. It’s designed to impress!


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