EYE Balloon

Pretty bombastic!

LED - EYE-Balloon – flexible, creative and cost-efficient!

Inflatable and colorfully lit balloons, pillars and cones are commonly used for events and fairs. The EYE-Balloon, however, is the first of its kind to actually combine the known advantages of inflatable objects with the LED display technique (video wall) in one product. The EYE-Balloon opens up a new scope for design due to its 360°-video-playability which would otherwise be very complex and cost extensive using classic video technology.

The EYE-Balloon enables the display of the videos on inflatable volume objects using LED lines (“EYE-Lines”) which are attached to the outer cover. The base unit (“EYE-Base”), which is hidden inside the EYE-Balloon, contains the electric control system, power supply units and a fan used for the inflating. 84 flexible LED lines, each with an individual size of 40mm, are attached to the upper side of the “EYE-Base”. 6000 SMD-LEDs enclose the volume object symmetrically from the mounting and the upper surface to the bottom side. Additionally, the EYE-lines are fixed to the object’s body to guarantee an exact horizontal alignment. The base unit, “EYE-Base”, can be extended, and thus adjustments can be made accordingly.

Furthermore, the EYE-Base is internally illuminated by RGB-LEDs, which add additional accents to the expression of the video and the volume body. The triggering is carried out by a DVI-D port on a separate controller, whereas the signal distribution takes place via optical signaling cables. A number of base units, “EYE-Bases”, can be operated on one controller. This makes it possible, for example, to display videos and tickers synchronized or fragmented on various objects.

EYE-Balloon – Advantages at a glance:

  • 2m diameter with full video operating capability
  • Tickers, animated company logos, unique effects
  • Minimal weight
  • Flexibility of the outer cover, e.g. balloon, cone …
  • Easy handling, fast assembly
  • Minimal labor utilization, cost-efficient
  • Easy triggering via a DVI-D signal from a DVD player, notebook or media server
  • Low shipping volume
  • Internal RGB-lighting for further scope and design


Audio Visual network GmbH
Mühlgrabenweg 5
D-76593 Gernsbach

Tel.: +49 (0)7224 65 01 23



Audio Visual network GmbH
Mühlgrabenweg 5
D-76593 Gernsbach

Phone: 0049-7224-65 01 23