Pixel Maps Creator 3D




Pixel Map 3D Software mit EYE-Sphere

Pixel Map 3D Software mit Bixel 35

The Pixel Map Creator 3D-software is the first to take into account the available applications of 3D LED systems. It makes it possible to easily display existing footage unto freely configurable 3D LED displays – even in live mode. Existing contents are combined with other image-, video-, text- or 3D objects in the software and then saved as new video sequences. The Pixel Map 3D Creator generates video sequences which can be saved and played on media servers at hand. Additionally, the created contents can be stored in a memory and retrieved if needed. They can either be activated by the software itself or using the common control protocol ArtNet or DMX.

Pixel Maps Creator 3D Advantages at a glance

  • Easy installation of the software on notebooks or media servers
  • Existing image and video material can be used
  • Free definition of the geometrical 3D volume body
  • Free combination of image-, video-, text- and 3D object data on 2 levels
  • Integration in existing LED systems possible
  • Creation of one’s own memory lists
  • Live access via ArtNet protocol or DMX
  • Live Video output optional
  • Created 3D animations can be converted into AVI files for media servers